Local SEO

Ever tried to find what you need by searching google or using a virtual assistant? Then you have participated in the local search experience. 

Local SEO starts your customer's journey by allowing potential customers to find your business when in or inquiring about your service area. Learn more about local search engine optimization below 

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What is Local SEO?

Simply Put: 
"Local SEO" is Search Engine Optimization for your local market so that you appear at the top of maps and search results for your geographic area.
Elaborate please....

Local SEO generally means optimizing your local business listings for local search, local search rankings and local directories. This would include a mix of both free and paid local search services. For example, the most basic local SEO service would be to submit an online local business listing with Google My Business (GMB). This local business listing is free and a great first step!

Local SEO may help any business that has a physical location or serves a certain region. If you search Google for any key terms related to your company and a map with three listings appears below it (also known as a map pack), local SEO can assist you develop your business.

Why do I need Local SEO?

The most significant benefit of local SEO is that it can save money by leveraging online marketing to local markets. It is considerably less expensive than local print advertising, local radio ads, local business directory submissions and traditional local SEO services for small businesses.

Local SEO helps businesses to establish their presence online in a specific geographic area whether by physical location or geographic service area. These local listings are increasingly becoming the preferred way for local customers to identify local businesses.

Local businesses can also leverage local marketing strategies that are most effective for their business. This may include local print advertising, local PR or targeted local PPC ads utilizing local keywords.

What are the disadvantages of local SEO?

The main disadvantage of local SEO is that it takes time to grow awareness in local search results. You will need to be patient while building your presence online.

Who are the main local SEO providers?

Some of the key local SEO providers are Google My Business (GMB), Foursquare, Bing Places, Yelp, Yellow Pages and Merchant Circle.

What are Some Common Local SEO Optimizations?

Some local SEO optimizations include: local listing submissions to local directories and local search engines, local reviews and testimonials, local business video uploads, local social media marketing and other SEO services such as including local keywords in website content.

What Are 3 Advantages of Local SEO?

- Target local customers - local seo can save money by leveraging online marketing to local markets. It is considerably less expensive than local print advertising, radio ads, local business directory submissions and traditional services for small businesses.

- Get more leads - modern day consumers do their research online before making a purchase so it's important to show up when people are searching for your products or services in your area. You want these potential buyers to be able to find you so invest in local search ranking optimization.

- Stand out from local competition - local SEO helps your business stand out from local competition and organically appear in local organic search results for local keywords.

How Should I Choose A Local SEO Provider?

When choosing a local search optimization agency look for expertise rather than price. You can expect to pay an average starting rate of $1000-2000 per month for effective local SEO service.

Many people think that only lawyers and chiropractors need local SEO but actually any business that has a local presence should invest in local SEO. A local business listing on the various directory sites will help increase local search rankings, show up when people are searching for local businesses and get you more local customers.

Google actually favors local listings in their geographic area due to this being more relevant to consumers. In 2011 an update was released called Google Caffeine where they targeted local listings with higher priority.

Local SEO has been proven to generate more click thru's from organic search results than national or global search results by 2-3X which definitely highlights the advantages of targeting a local market through GMB and other areas such as press releases and social media marketing.

How Often do I Need to Update My Local SEO?

It is best to update local listings at least quarterly and preferably monthly with posts, products, events or social media activates. When you update your local listings, ensure that they are consistent across the various local directories.