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Learn more about the technologies I use to develop cutting edge modern apps for mobile and desktop. Here is a shortlist of the major frontend and backend technologies I currently use. If you don't see your tech listed just let me know here.

Professional Services

Enterprise Application Support and Development on these Popular Apps & Services


The Full Stack

Core competencies lie in these popular technologies.


Built and Maintained by Google. Angular is an enterprise framework for developing sophisticated app with a consistent structure.

We use Angular because there is a robust global community of developers and is heavily invested in by Alphabet Inc. (Google)


BigCommerce is an exceptionally fast headless eCommerce service. With BigCommerce powering your eCommerce actions we can design unique engaging experiences for your shoppers without worrying about the technical overhead and security. All while reducing overhead costs.


React is a very popular frontend technology for live DOM manipulation. It allows for robust interactive user interfaces while minimizing the developer overhead in setup and development.

React is designed and maintained by Facebook making it a great choice for teams around the world.


With nextjs we build blazingly fast react apps that fulfill a wide variety of business cases. Well documented and widely supported, nextjs apps offer quicker turnaround time for production ready apps. Using nextjs we design apps for shopping, social, business or any other experience quickly and efficiently.


NodeJS moved javscript on to the server providing JS developers with an end to end langugae for developing native apps and microservices. With nodejs we build API's that distribute your data and execute your business policies. Our APIs are exceptionally fast and well documented.


ExpressJS is the primary technology we use for creating APIs within NodeJS server environments. Whether you are looking for server less  or dedicated servers, our engineers can deploy solutions based on Express in a matter of months!


Firebase is a set of tools for quickly developing modern apps. It includes real time databases for social apps and integrated ML and AI services to quickly expand functionality. We use firebase services to design and develop end to end solutions for business and public apps.


Tensorflow allows us to bring data into our artificial intelligence models and run predicative scoring against them. With Tensorflow and its supporting technologies our team is able to solve complex problems with modern technology.

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