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Joshua D Berkowitz, Manager        

Discourse Digital is the result of Mr. Berkowitz's 20+ years of small business development, software design and development and integrated marketing experience. 

Our teams are diverse, decentralized and efficient thanks to Josh's management strategy. Today we work with developers, engineers and designers to help our clients succeed from Miami to Hong Kong.

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Distributed Dedication

As the world migrated to home offices during the pandemic of 2019, we took the opportunity to optimize our communications and deploy tools to make collaboration smoother for our team and clients. We now all work from home in over a dozen countries and growing.

Our managers drive our business and keep our projects on track with a flexible team of resources internationally. Some basic tenets drive our success.

  • Managers that make employees important
  • Remote teams built to your needs
  • Meetings at your point of business where your business is done.
  • Online project and time tracking with online billing

Project Managers

Joshua Berkowitz

Eastern United States

Josh has made it a priority to drive most projects personally for the first year allowing him to quickly develop specifications for success by building the right resources from experience rather than speculation.

Jason Won

Hong Kong

Jason has been pivotal in our expansion to the emerging markets in Asia and the middle east. As these markets grow we making new partnerships to fuel the future thanks to Jason.

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