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JD Berkowitz 


Discourse Digital is the result of my 20+ years of small business development, software design, development and integrated marketing experience. I am proud to have worked with teams in over 14 countries across a large range of disciplines.

Today I work with developers, engineers and designers from around the world to help my clients succeed and I look forward to working with you. 

I invite your to connect with me on social media and follow me for my news and tutorials you can find here and on my social media accounts.

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Education has always been a passion of mine. From my early academic studies in Organic Chemistry at Princeton University to my pursuit of my Masters degree in Computer Science through UPenn, my interests have spanned many areas over the years. I am proud of my academic achievements but they are a small part of a large term educational plan I maintain to keep competitive.

Software development is changing so fast it requires an enormous amount of effort to keep ahead. I strategically plan my workplace education to take advantage of newly emerging technologies and ideologies. 

During the pandemic of 2020 I began production of educational training courses and material that I currently make available to clients with plans on distributing my online education materials by 2023. 

Podcast Personality

Starting in 2022 I began work on three podcasts that are available on anchor.fm and Spotify as well as subscription based podcasts available through client channels. 

During the first three seasons I am experimenting with content and formats across topics such as technology, sociology, and travel. With trade shows and guests lined up through 2023, I plan on expanding my online persona significantly and hope you will join me in testing out this new content area for me.

If you are interested in working with me on podcasts or social media feel free to reach out, I am always open to collaborations and meeting new, interesting people!

Social Life

I enjoy technology and traveling in my personal life as much as i do for work and it is an integral part of my life. As the pandemic has restricted travel and made geo politics challenging, I have found new ways to digitally explore the world and I look forward to sharing them with you through my channels!

Causes & Charity

I am an adamant believer we can't solve our world's problems alone and regularly support domestic ad international organization for combating poverty and inequality. Every year I donate a large portion of my online clothing sales to a charity of my choice. In 2022 I began offering round up and charity selectors on many of my apps allowing me to direct much needed relief to causes my customers are interested in. I am always open to work trade and charity opportunities so please feel free to reach out if you think I can be of assistance.

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