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 App Development

From mobile to desktop, we help clients create solutions that are effective, scalable and budget conscious. 

The world is more connected than ever and staying in front takes skill and experience. Leverage the latest technologies to bring your idea to market faster than ever.  

Cutting edge development solutions balance development cost and time to market and allow you to go from Market Validation Product (MVP) to production faster than ever before.


Angular, React, Vue, NextJS

Leverage the latest UI technologies for the fastest &  most integrated experiences. Millions of developers use these technologies making extending your team even easier.


NodeJS, PHP, Python, Docker, Kube

From server less API development to maintaining traditional Linux server stacks, we leverage modern technologies to get your data there fast.


Microservices, BigCommerce, Shopify, Private

The world runs on data and getting it from one place to another is as much art as science. I build custom solutions to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

 Workplace Education

Start smarter and stay ahead with custom tailored e-Learning. Technology is moving so fast it is hard to keep track of the right tools for the job. We work with clients to create education training materials for sales, development, marketing and administration teams. 

Looking for an eLearning platform for your business? Ask us how we can build the courses and the applications to manage your online workplace education material.

Research & Connect

The needs of every team are different and getting to know yours's is integral to the success of your team education. We start with a deep dive to discover the best options for your team.

Basic to Advanced

From sourcing current programs that would be a good fit for your team, to completely custom eLearning experiences, we can help you design a program that meets your team's needs.

Online & Live

Our eLearning HUB hosts all your private and public education team content. Securely provide access to your team and join me for live sessions, all carefully designed and secured.

 Project Management

You can have all the assets in the world but but without organization you will struggle achieve your goals. We build small and medium size teams of IT professionals to meet your business goals.

From internal development management to consultant screening, our exceptional attention to detail and organization are critical  to a project's success. Let me help you define your your plan today.

Project management is a key component of success in any discipline, learn about the tools and techniques we use to stay on track on my blog.

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