Designing an Effective Lead Generation Landing Page with Odoo Website Builder
Build Mobile and Desktop Landing Pages in 20 Mins
Designing an Effective Lead Generation Landing Page with Odoo Website Builder
JD Berkowitz 1 June, 2023
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A well-designed landing page can be a powerful tool for your business to generate leads. It serves as a digital storefront, capturing visitor information and converting prospects into leads. One platform that makes this process simple and efficient is Odoo's website builder. In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to create a quick and efficient lead capture landing page using the Odoo Website Builder.

In this tutorial we will be building this page.


Creating a Landing Page

The landing page we are designing features a lead capture form at the top left, informational blocks, and outbound links. With the Odoo website builder, this complex page should take no more than 20 minutes, resulting in a performant and visually appealing landing page.

The first step in creating a landing page in Odoo is to log into your Odoo instance. From there, you navigate to the 'New' button in the top right-hand corner, select 'Page', and remove the 'Add to menu page' option. This ensures that the landing page stands alone, without links within the top menu hierarchy of your website.

Building the Page

Once you've created your page, the next step is to build it out by dragging and dropping components into the website page. In the video we demonstrate how to create a large splash screen with a lead capture form, a countdown timer, and some text that looks great on mobile and desktop. 

Odoo Landing page design tutorial

Adding the Lead Capture Form

To do this, you select the 'Banner' option, drag and drop it into your page, and replace the image from your repository. You can adjust the height to take up the whole page for a more impactful visual. When selecting images make sure you have the rights to use the image for your purposes, Adobe Stock and Envato Elements are great places for high quality images.

Next, you can add a contact form by removing the button on the banner and searching for 'Form' in the blocks on the right-hand side. Drag and drop the form into position on your page. Configure the form with the fields for the information you want to capture. 

You can choose the “Action” to decide how the form should behave. If you have the CRM module installed, you can choose to save the submission as an Opportunity which will create a lead in the CRM for you automatically. This allows you to centralize all communications with that client within the CRM portal, making it easier to follow up with leads, send invoices or quotes, and access information.

 If you do not have the CRM module installed, you can set the Action to send an email to any recipient you enter. 

Odoo Landing page design tutorial

Adding a Countdown Timer

A countdown timer can add a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take action. To add a timer, search for 'Countdown' in the blocks, drag and drop it into position, and set the expiration date. You can also customize what happens when the timer ends, such as redirecting to another webpage or displaying a message.

Odoo Landing page design tutorial

Building Content Blocks and Value Proposition Sections

After setting up the lead capture form and countdown timer, the next step is to build out the content blocks. These blocks can be used to provide additional information about your product or service, explain the benefits to the customer, and reinforce your value proposition.

In the tutorial, we add more informational blocks as we scroll down the page. These blocks can include text, images, videos, or other elements that help to communicate your message and engage visitors.

Odoo Landing page design tutorial

The Value Proposition or Comparison

The value proposition or competitor comparison section is a crucial element of your landing page. It's a clear statement that explains how your product or service solves customers' problems, delivers specific benefits, and tells the customer why they should choose your product or service over your competitors. In this video, we highlight the value proposition using a couple rows of features that quickly inform visitors of the offer’s value.


Odoo's website builder is a powerful tool for creating effective landing pages. With its drag-and-drop functionality and customizable components, you can create a visually appealing and performant landing page in less than 20 minutes. 

Whether you're new to Odoo or looking to improve your skills, Discourse Digital's video tutorial provides valuable insights and step-by-step instructions to help you make the most of Odoo's website builder.

Remember, a well-designed landing page is more than just a pretty interface. It's a powerful tool for capturing leads and driving your business forward. So why wait? Start creating your landing page with Odoo today!

Need help creating the right page? Contact me for pricing on Odoo Development here.

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