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Workplace Education.

Start smarter and stay ahead with custom tailored e-Learning. Technology is moving so fast it is hard to keep track of the right tools for the job. I work with clients to create education training materials for sales, development, marketing and administration teams. 

Looking for an eLearning platform for your business? Ask me how I can build the courses and the applications to manage your online workplace education material.

Team Education

Business is moving at lightspeed, get the right information in front of your team.


From mom and pop to future Fortune 500,  solutions that fit your plan.

Mobile Apps

The world went mobile, did you? iOS and Android Native Development.

Business Intelligence

Information is King! Business intelligence and big data mining using AI & ML.

Mobile App Dev.

Mobile is here to stay if you have not noticed! The world is more connected than ever and staying in front takes skill and experience. 

Cutting edge mobile solutions balance development cost and time to market. Create a Market Validation Product faster than ever with the latest tools! 

My Clients Have Included

From Startups to Fortune 1000 You Are In Good Company

Project Management

You can have all the assets but without organization you will struggle to say the least. I lead small and medium size teams of IT professionals to meet your business goals.

Project management is a key component of success in any discipline, learn about the tools and techniques I use to stay on track.

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