Sales & Orders Discontinues Free Tier
No More Free BigCommerce Plugin for Google Shopping
Sales & Orders Discontinues Free Tier
JD Berkowitz 2 November, 2021
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Sales and Orders has recently introduced changes to their pricing structure by discontinuing their free offer and replacing it with new pricing that begins at $10/month, effective September 1, 2021.

The Sales and Orders App has provided BigCommerce merchants with an easy way to list and manage their products on Google Shopping as well as other paid-in advertising platforms. The app allows for multiple channels to receive your product data for distribution to some of the most popular shopping networks (Facebook, instagram, Google, Bing). It has a robust reporting feature for ad performance and offers several managed ad services.

Although the company has always had paid services, this September it has unexpectedly decided to raise it prices on free services provided to BigCommerce Merchants. 

For the shopping feeds only, the pricing starts at $10/mo and scales according to catalog size, making it a significant cost for many of my clients. For catalogs over 100,000 products you can now expect to pay $200/mo !

BigCommerce is launching a free app I will be evaluating during October if the beta is released on time at which point i will be able to provide better visibility into the necessary changes. 

$10 / monthUp to 1K1 channel + Bing
$25 / monthUp to 5K2 channels + Bing
$50 / monthUp to 10K4 channels + Bing
$100 / monthUp to 50K6 channels + Bing
$200 / monthUp to 100K9 channels + Bing
$300 / monthUp to 150K11 channels + Bing
CustomOver 150k ProductsCustom

BigCommerce is committed to our merchants' ongoing success and wants to provide Sales and Orders merchants with several options to ensure your products are still seen by your customers in Google.

Reference the table below for options, pricing, and detailed information in the table and requirements below

ProviderGoogle Free Product ListingsGoogle Smart Shopping Ad Campaigns
Sales & OrdersYesYes
Codisto YesYes
Google Ads & Listings by BigCommerceYesYes

What is required by the merchant?

Sales & Orders - If you wish to continue with Sales and Orders, simply add your payment information to cover the monthly fee. That’s it - no other action is required.

Codisto - You will need to disconnect the Sales & Orders app first, then set up your account on Codisto with your Free Product Listings.

FeedOps - You will need to disconnect the Sales & Orders app first, then set up your account on FeedOps with your Free Product Listings.

Google Ads & Listings by BigCommerce - Once generally available in October, you will need to disconnect the Sales & Orders app first, then set up your account within the BigCommerce control panel.

If you have any questions about this change on your account I suggest you reach our directly to Sales and Orders. If you are an existing customer of mine, I am here to help! Call, text or email me to learn more about the changes to BigCommerce

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