New LinkedIn Features for Creators
Creator mode is a LinkedIn profile setting that allows users to grow their reach, establish engaged audiences, and create impact on the platform.
New LinkedIn Features for Creators
JD Berkowitz 8 April, 2022
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LinkedIn's creator mode has been updated with new tools and functionalities. Creator mode is a LinkedIn profile setting that allows users to grow their reach, establish engaged audiences, and create impact on the platform.

LinkedIn has implemented the following new tools in order to provide members with more resources to start meaningful discussions and make an impact.

The Creator Analytics upgrade allows users to track the performance and growth of their content, helping them to improve their content strategy and audience engagement. Creators can now track the performance of their content over time and get totals for metrics such as impressions and engagements.

It also provides demographic data, downloadable analytics, and weekly impression tracking, all of which can be accessed straight from your user profile.

The Subscribe to Notifications feature allows you to opt-in to receive notifications when new content is published. Anyone who has subscribed to a creator's work will be notified whenever a new post is published.

Recently, creator mode added the ability to publish newsletters, resulting in a 625 percent rise in the number of newsletters on the platform and an 89 percent increase in global subscribers.

To expand the reach of these publications, LinkedIn now allows creators to showcase their newsletter in the featured part of their profiles, making it easier for readers to find and subscribe to the most recent edition.

Improvements to the Platform

LinkedIn has improved the user experience for post analytics by adding new summary pages that easily provide more information at a glance.

To provide more nuanced insights into articles, the definitions of metrics have been updated. The term "views" is now commonly used to describe the number of times an article has been seen. The number of times a post containing the item was displayed onscreen is referred to as "impressions."

The most recent version also improved analytics data filtering. You may now access engagement data based on occupation, industry, geography, industry, and organization size.

Linkedin creator analytics

Introducing Profile Videos

Instead of a profile photo, creators can now use a video, which will have a blue ring around it to signify that it is a video. Users may now follow profiles immediately from the video, thanks to new analytics that show the number of views.

Prompts are offered to help authors get started with their videos. Only mobile devices are capable of producing profile videos.

Engagement Continues to be Driven by Creator Mode

5.5 million members have activated creative mode since its launch in March 2021 according to the company. LinkedIn has observed a nearly 30 percent boost in content engagement as a result of these features.

Any user who passes the necessary criteria is granted access to creator mode, which includes LinkedIn Live Video, which can be used to stream live video material, and LinkedIn Newsletters. As well as tools for short-form posts, documents, and events are among the other features.

LinkedIn has an official page for creators with further information about these changes and creative mode in general.

All LinkedIn members who match the following conditions can use Creator mode:

  • A following of more than 150 people and/or ties
  • Any type of content that has been shared recently on the platform
  • A excellent track record and a history of adhering to community policies are required.

Personally, I have been using Creator Mode since it was launched and I am starting to see significant change in engagements and awareness. I hope to see more tools aimed at helping content creators maximize their exposure on the platform but for the time being this is a great start!

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