How to Fix Disabled Password Box in Wordpress Login
If your password field is disabled you can try this process
How to Fix Disabled Password Box in Wordpress Login
JD Berkowitz 11 July, 2022
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If you are having trouble logging into your Wordpress website because the password field is disabled, it means somehow your password field is disabled and you have to log in using your account. It’s for extra security but there are a lot of people who prefer to log in a website dashboard using

If you are seeing this issue means you have Jetpack installed in your Website and you may have already configured your Website using login.

Let’s fix the can’t type in password field issue for your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Login your Website Dashboard using your WordPress account. Then navigate to Jetpack>Settings and scroll down to login section. You will see something like the following screenshot.

Disable “Allow users to log in to this site using accounts” option. Generally it only add login in WordPress admin login page. But it should not disable Password typing. As you are seeing password disable issue, you should disable login system from the option.

Now log out and visit your Website WP-Admin area. Your problem should be fixed and you can easily log in to your Dashboard using Username and Password.

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