Get to Know FlatFile Data Importer
Finally a solution for CSV and XLS importing that makes sense

If you are a developer than you have likely had the frustration of dealing with spreadsheets to manage data. Importing data from numerous sources has its challenges that many companies deal with by brute force.

Flatfile offers a smart solution for developers to integrate into any Javascript apps. Client packages are available for React,  Angular, Nodejs and plain Javascript. The client SDK allows you to quickly integrate the importer into your application with the flexibility of transforming your data before sending it to Flatfile or take full advantage FlatFile UI and setup your validation and transformation in the UI.

Flatfile is especially powerful for large datasets that are traditionally difficult to create workflows for. You can import millions of rows in minuets and quickly fix and report on errors. 

Some of the most useful features of Flatfile include:

File Hooks: Allows your application to listen for new file uploads from your customers and trigger a workflow.

AI Smart Matching: Automagically matches incoming data to your data model fields based on previous imports.

Smart Fields(coming 2022): Looks like a promising feature that uses Ai to automagically transform incoming data based on collective observations of the model.

Data Hooks: Powerful feature to reformat, validate and automatically  transform the incoming data.

Relational Data(coming 2022): Upload and validate linked data sets to build the ideal data import. No more writing Python scripts, no more fiddling with VLOOKUPS.

API and Webhooks: The API allows you to pull your modified and orginal data to injest into your application while webhooks allow you to this in real time to end notifications to other apps.

Collaboration: A powerful new tool to collaborate in real time with your customers on their data.

How do I use FlatFile?

At Discourse Digital I have used Flatfile in an Angular App I am building for a that allows us to manage 100,000+ products easily and quickly. 

Through my initial testing with typical end users, I have found the importer to be a powerful addition to our custom product information management app. It allows users to manage data without any programming knowledge and in an easy to audit process.

While the importer can be integrated into an application, you can also use webhooks and serverless functions to move the data to final locations such as an ERP or CRM. For instance, for another client I am looking at using webhooks and Google Cloud Functions to move imported mailing list contacts to our Mautic marketing automation application server.

Flatfile data importer

I am looking forward to creating tutorials and use cases for using Flatfile in wide variety of situations. If you have an idea for a use case let me know and I will be happy to develop a tutorial!

In the meantime checkout my AMP story with all the features that Flatfile offers!

Flatfile Data Importing at Discourse Digital

Find more information on the company website at

Get to Know FlatFile Data Importer
JD Berkowitz 24 March, 2022
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