Extracting Filenames from Dropbox Download Links
Use GSheets to easily get the filename from a URL address
Extracting Filenames from Dropbox Download Links
JD Berkowitz 2 November, 2021
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If you spend time wrangling product data or other spreadsheets with FQDNs (Fully qualified domain names) then you may need to split out the filename from the URL. Recently I had a customer whose product data was all in excel with links to the Dropbox image asset. Unfortutantly this makes life difficult for importing into an PIM or eCommerce platform such as Akeneo, BigCommerce or Shopify. 

Here is a quick formula to sperate the filename of URLs in excel


So if we have a cell with a URL such as 


We will get a result of


which then you can remove the ?dl=0 using find and replace.

Now you can use the formula for any regular image resource address!

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