Beta Bites: The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Express Beta: A Game Changer for Digital Content Creation powered by A.I.
New Adobe Firefly Ai Powered Creative Design App
Beta Bites: The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Express Beta: A Game Changer for Digital Content Creation powered by A.I.
JD Berkowitz 16 June, 2023
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Adobe Express Beta Overview

Adobe has yet again revamped the digital design landscape with their Adobe Express Beta release. The Express suite of features makes content creation and remixing easier than ever, catering to popular platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. If you're a social media marketer, content creator, or designer, this platform could revolutionize your workflow. It is an extensive app, combining many tools in the design process into a centralized location so let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

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  • New all-in-one editor gives users the ability to make high-impact design elements, engaging videos and images, stunning documents and PDFs, animations, and standout content ready for Instagram, TikTok and all their favorite channels and platforms. The new editor empowers users to design content with text, graphics, images, videos, animations and audio.
  • New video, multiple page templates, and design elements bring even more inspiration to the largest collection of beautiful, high-quality content, now with nearly 200 million assets including video and design templates, royalty-free Adobe Stock images, video and audio assets, almost 22,000 fonts, plus more icons, backgrounds and shapes.
  • PDF support in the new all-in-one editor makes it even easier to import, edit and enhance documents to create visually stunning PDFs.
  • Quick actions like remove background in images, animate a character using just audio, convert to GIF, and edit PDFs, makes it even easier to create standout content quickly and simply.
  • Real-time co-creation and seamless review and commenting capabilities add collaboration and speed to the creation process. Easily access, edit and work with creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator directly within Express, or add linked files that always stay in sync across apps.

First off, integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud means you can access your library files across various applications and folders. In the near future, you will be able to access Express files in the "Your Stuff" section, offering an efficient way to create and share assets with other designers.

Adobe Express also introduces a powerful media manager for stock photos, stock videos, music, and Text to Image generation using Adobe Firefly. This tool streamlines content creation and makes it easy to record voiceovers, manage stock media, and generate captivating text effects.

Adobe Express Beta Templates Overview

For video enthusiasts, the multi-video editing feature with user-friendly multiple timelines is a game-changer. Create professional video collateral with ease and precision, all within a single platform. Currently supports 1080p video. Drag and drop video creation plus all-new video templates, Adobe Stock videos and music at your fingertips helping you to create stunning assets quickly.

Adobe Express Beta Getting Started

The platform provides an exhaustive array of professional templates for your social media and marketing needs. From Instagram reels to YouTube thumbnails, LinkedIn cover photos, and mobile videos, Adobe Express has every digital content need covered. You can also create resumes, brochures, posters, infographics, and even memes and desktop wallpapers with ease and professionalism. 

Here is a short list of the site templates you can get started with:

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

  • Card

  • Collage

  • Desktop Wallpapers

  • Facebook post

  • Facebook profile cover

  • Facebook Story

  • Flyers

  • Graphic Organizer

  • Infographic

  • Instagram

  • Instagram Reels

  • Invitations

  • Invoices

  • LinkedIn Profile Cover

  • Logo

  • Memes

  • Menus

  • Mobile Video

  • Newsletters

  • Photobook

  • Poster

  • Resume

  • Slide Presentation

  • TikTok

  • Video

  • Worksheets

  • YouTube Profile Picture

  • Youtube Thumbnail

  • YouTube Video

Adobe Express Beta Explore

The "Explore" feature is a place to find inspiration and find free and premium templates which are marked with a crown in the lower right corner. Inside Explore you will also find free and premium photos, videos, design assets and backgrounds to integrate into your design. The collection currently offers thousands of designs with much more coming soon. I imagine that similar to Mircosoft Designer, this tool will offer Ai created templates allowing for unlimited combinations, but we will have to wait to the final release to see.

Personally I have enjoyed the seamless saving function in Adobe Express. Whether you accidentally close your browser or unexpectedly need to jump on another task, Adobe Express has got you covered. The platform saves your work in real-time, allowing you to pick up where you left off as soon as you open the same tab on restart.

Adobe Express Beta Share Review 

The "Schedule" feature allows you to create, plan and publish your content to popular social media channels. This powerful feature allows you to be productive for all your projects in one location. 
  Adobe Express Beta Overview

The interface includes a Recent bar at the bottom to quickly access your in-progress designs.

Adobe Express Beta Addons

The Adobe Express isn't just about making content creation easy; it's also about expanding the possibilities of what you can create. The suite introduces powerful add-ons such as the Bueno NFT Express for transforming designs into NFTs, a connection to Microsoft OneDrive for easy asset management, and a 3D library to enhance your content. 

Other notable add-ons include the Color Designer for improved color work, the Auto Icon add-on unlocking access to over 160,000 icons, and the Spacefill add-on for creating unique background patterns. The platform also offers tools for simulating color blindness in real-time and predicting where users will look when engaging with your design.

A growing list of powerful addons to supercharge your design process are available in Adobe Express:

  • Transform designs into NFTs : Bueno NFT Express is an Adobe addon that enables designers to effortlessly transform their artboards into NFT drops with Bueno. The addon streamlines the NFT creation process, making it accessible and convenient for artists and designers.

  • Connect to Microsoft OneDrive: Add assets from OneDrive straight into your Adobe Express project, then send your creative assets back to OneDrive.

  • 3D Illustrations: Enhance your content with a powerful 3D library!

  • Media Grab: Use Media Grab to easily import images from your personal or company website or free images from public domain sites. No signup required.

  • Connect to DropBox: Add assets from your Dropbox straight into your Adobe Express project, then send your creative assets back to Dropbox.

  • Color Designer: This add-on improves work with colors. You can generate tints, shades, and color harmonies. There is also an option to generate a stepped gradient.

  • Auto Icon: Auto Icon is the ultimate add-on for Adobe Express, unlocking access to over 160,000 icons from popular fonts and emoji sets like Font Awesome 4 and 5, Material Design Icons, IonIcons, Vaadin Icons, Entypo+, and more.

  • Spaesscefill: Add a creative touch to your work with Spacefill, which creates seamless and unique background patterns by combining geometric shapes and tiling styles. With Spacefill, you can generate graphics in real-time, giving you access to a range of tiling patterns.

  • Color Blindn Simulator: The "Color Blindness Simulator" is designed to help designers and content creators create inclusive designs by simulating color blindness in real-time.

  • Attention insight: AI add-on instantly predicts where users will look when engaging with your design, so you can save time and avoid fixes after you publish.

  • unDraw: Discover and use beautiful artwork in your designs. unDraw provides open-source design assets for any project you can imagine and create. With this add-on for Adobe Express we are bringing a specialized type of artwork that enables you to design better posters and graphics, without a cost or the need for attribution.

  • Brand Fetch: Easily add brand logos to your designs. Search from millions of brands directly inside Adobe Express.

  • Free Stock Search: Search Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels for free stock assets.

The Quick Create Action Menu lets you get started with a design for a large range of formats. After selecting a size, you can choose from thousands of templates to start your creative journey.

Powerful Quick Actions allow you to very quickly perform these tasks:

  • Remove backgrounds

  • Resize images

  • Generate QR codes

  • Create animations from Audio

  • Convert to PNG

  • Convert to JPG

  • Convert to PDF

  • Convert to SVG

Adobe Express Beta Learn Overview

Finally, Adobe Express helps you get started no matter what your experience level is with tutorials and more in the "Learn" section.

Adobe Express release is indeed a powerful tool for any content creator or digital marketer. With its wide array of features and intuitive interface, it brings the future of digital content creation to your fingertips today.

In addition to the types of templates you can access you also have a huge range of design sizes and apply templates to any of them when you go to create a new design! Here is the entire list of templates and dimensions that Adobe Express offers, it is also a great reference for common web asset dimensions!

Instagram square post1,080 x 1,080px
Flyer8.5 x 11in
Instagram story1,080 x 1,920px
TikTok video1,080 x 1,920px
Logo500 x 500px
Facebook post1,080 x 1,080px
Instagram reel1,080 x 1,920px
Poster11 x 17in
YouTube thumbnail1,280 x 720px
YouTube video1,920 x 1,080px
Instagram carousel1,080 x 1,080px
Video1,920 x 1,080px
Album cover750 x 750px
Print banner72 x 36in
Web banner1,200 x 1,000px
Blog graphic800 x 1,200px
Blog header2,240 x 1,260px
Book cover1,410 x 2,250px
Bookmark2 x 6in
Brochure11 x 8.5in
Business card3.5 x 2in
Calendar1,080 x 1,920px
Card5 x 7in
Certificate11 x 8.5in
Checklist8.5 x 11in
Class schedule11 x 8.5in
Comic strip11 x 8.5in
Concept map1,024 x 768px
Coupon8.5 x 11in
Cover page8.5 x 11in
Divider page8.5 x 11in
Email header600 x 200px
Etsy shop banner1,600 x 213px
Etsy shop cover1,600 x 400px
Eventbrite header2,160 x 1,080px
Facebook ad1,080 x 1,080px
Facebook event cover1,200 x 630px
Facebook group cover1,640 x 856px
Facebook page cover820 x 312px
Facebook profile cover851 x 315px
Facebook shop cover1,600 x 1,200px
Facebook story1,080 x 1,920px
Flashcard5 x 3in
Flashcard sheet8.5 x 11in
Gift certificate8 x 3.75in
Graph1,920 x 1,080px
Google classroom banner1,000 x 250px
Graphic organizer8.5 x 11in
ID card3.375 x 2.125in
Infographic800 x 2,000px
Instagram ad1,080 x 1,350px
Instagram landscape post1,080 x 566px
Instagram portrait post1,080 x 1,350px
Instagram story ad1,080 x 1,920px
Invitation5 x 7in
Invoice8.5 x 11in
Ebook cover1,600 x 2,560px
Bottle label4 x 6in
Label sheet8.5 x 11in
Leaflet210 x 297mm
Lesson plan8.5 x 11in
Letter8.5 x 11in
Letterhead8.5 x 11in
LinkedIn blog post1,200 x 628px
LinkedIn profile cover1,584 x 396px
LinkedIn post1,920 x 1,920px
Magazine8.5 x 11in
Media kit8.5 x 11in
Meme1,200 x 1,200px
Memo8.5 x 11in
Mindmap1,024 x 768px
Menu5 x 7in
Mug3.3 x 3.3in
Name tag4 x 3in
Newsletter8.5 x 11in
Pamphlet8.5 x 11in
Photo book1,410 x 2,250px
Pinterest idea pin1,080 x 1,920px
Pinterest post1,000 x 1,500px
Pinterest square600 x 600px
Pinterest vertical post600 x 900px
Place card1,050 x 1,020px
Planner11 x 8.5in
Playlist cover3,000 x 3,000px
Podcast cover3,000 x 3,000px
Postcard6 x 4in
Presentation1,920 x 1,080px
Print ad6 x 4in
Program8.5 x 11in
Proposal8.5 x 11in
Recipe card6 x 4in
Reddit cover1,920 x 256px
Report8.5 x 11in
Report card8.5 x 11in
Resume8.5 x 11in
Rubric8.5 x 11in
Snapchat ad1,080 x 1,920px
Snapchat filter1,080 x 1,920px
SoundCloud banner2,480 x 520px
Gift tag3.5 x 2in
Table of contents8.5 x 11in
Ticket5.5 x 2in
TikTok ad1,080 x 1,920px
Tshirt14 x 18in
Tumblr banner3,000 x 1,055px
Twitch banner1,200 x 480px
Twitch overlay1,920 x 1,080px
Twitter header1,500 x 500px
Twitter post1,200 x 675px
Twitter video1,920 x 1,080px
Desktop wallpaper1,920 x 1,080px
Phone wallpaper1,080 x 1,920px
Mobile video1,080 x 1,920px
Display ad300 x 600px
Worksheet8.5 x 11in
YouTube banner2,560 x 1,440px
YouTube display ad300 x 60px
YouTube profile photo800 x 800px
Youtube shorts1,080 x 1,920px
YouTube video ad1,920 x 1,080px
Zoom background1,920 x 1,080px

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